Night Vision in Popular Culture

Night Vision Technology

Night Vision Technology in Popular Culture The creation of night vision technology was inspired by one simple question. Can we improve night operations? The technology proved to be a game changer, an unparalleled tactical advantage to soldiers and nations who wield it. Since its inception in the 1930s, night vision technology has become increasingly ubiquitous […]

Conquer Darkness: Improve Law Enforcement Safety with Night Vision

Conquer Darkness: Improve Law Enforcement Officer Safety with Night Vision Law enforcement officers must worry about a variety of challenges when on the job. Their safety should not be one of them. Night vision and thermal technology can improve both law enforcement officer and civilian safety.  Night Operations  The U.S. Department of Justice reports that violent crime perpetrated by people 18 […]

Law Enforcement’s Case for Night Vision and Thermal

Law Enforcement’s Case for Night Vision and Thermal Law enforcement recruitment and retention is declining across the United States. Remaining law enforcement officers face increased pressure to perform their duties. Night vision and thermal might be the key to reducing this pressure. In August 2021, the NYPD used night vision and thermal to find a lost autistic teenager […]