Announcing NOCTIS Technologies, as a Carson Industries, Inc. Affiliate

Introducing NOCTIS Technologies, a subsidiary of Carson Industries, providing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing of for tactical night vision systems. As a premier supplier of image intensifier and thermal systems and components such as goggles, driver viewers, weapon sights & mounts, IR products, contract manufacturing, NOCTIS continues to produce new products that stay ahead of the standard for the United States government, allies and commercial needs.




Richard Barrett Appointed by the Board of Directors as President of NOCTIS Technologies

Richard Barrett, who has served as Vice President of Operations for Carson Industries since 2006, was recently named President of NOCTIS Technologies by the Board of Directors. Mr. Barrett’s strategic planning and cross-functional team leadership greatly contributed to the success of Carson Industries throughout the years, and everyone is looking forward to his next chapter with NOCTIS.

Up and Coming Shows for NOCTIS

Carson Industries will be attending or exhibiting at the following shows:

  • Maneuver War Fighter Conference, Fort Benning, GA – Sept 14-16, 2016
  • Modern Day Marine, MCB Quantico, VA – Sept 27-29, 2016

Carson industries will be exhibiting at the annual AUSA conference and exhibition in Washington, DC on Oct. 3-5, 2016 at booth 545 in the Small Business pavilion.

Noctis Technologies will be exhibiting at the SHOT show in Las Vegas, NV on Jan 17-20, 2017